Comeback kid Andre DiFelice claims 2nd ascent of Pennywise

The classic boulder Pennywise in Glees (Germany) sees hardly any ascensionists or people projecting it. This is proved by the mossy conditions and lack of any tick marks which increases the difficulties significantly.

The first ascent remains still anonymous however suggests a grade in the range of 3 – 4A. DiFelice, who is in shape of his life in preparation of the World Cups, reports on his 8a scorecard a 3C grade. Although his efforts seem to be pretty impressive, this performance will be topic of debate for sure. Did he do the sit or crouching start? There are no pictures or videos taken demonstrating the actual ascent done by the Canadian powerhouse. The climbing community remains in uncertainty until DiFelice can comment and refute allegations. Currently he is crushing granite problems in Ticino and maintaining radio silence to all climbing media.


The dotted line number 3 indicates the impressive test case Pennywise.


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Ron Berends

Met een dikke knipoog legt Ron je haarfijn uit waarom hij alles verafschuwt dat met touwen te maken heeft. Deze boulderaar pur sang kent wellicht nog meer boulders uit z’n hoofd dan Bart van Raaij en zijn eindeloze enthousiasme is een belichaming van de Siked-filosofie.